Company History

Darragh Ltd is located in the picturesque village of Newbliss, Co. Monaghan, Southern Ireland adjacent to the lakelands of counties Cavan, Leitrim, Sligo and Fermanagh.

Darragh Ltd is a family owned and run company. the chairman and managing director, Mr. Roy McAdoo started the company in 1955 as an agricultural and engineering works. He has now been joined in the business by his son John
and his daughter Eleanor.

In the 1960s darragh entered the boat business. Roy McAdoo who had always
been a boating enthusiast entered the boat business by finishing rowing and
sailing boats for a northern ireland company.
In 1970 darragh bought the northern ireland company and commenced
manufacture of fibreglass boats under the darragh name.

A rapid expansion of fibreglass boat manufacture took place in the 1970s.
as a result of this expansion the company now produces boats of various types
from 4 metres to 21 metres.

In the recent past darragh has also fitted out steel passenger vessels, which are being used to carry, both able bodied and disabled passengers, these boats naturally have to adhere to very stringent regulations.

Over the last number of years the company has used their skill base to diversify
into other areas.
The company is now engaged in industrial fibreglass work and now produces a
range of diverse products for a number of different companies.
examples of the products produced are hearse bodies, limousine panels, fork lift parts, car wash cabinets, crew cabs for fire engines, fibreglass ridge tiles and
toe and heel tips for Irish dancing shoes.
Darragh also undertakes the production of plugs and moulds for other companies.
in the recent past the company has also been fitting our luxury horse lorries for use in Ireland and overseas.

Darragh now has their own qualified in house divers, which have enable the
company to further expand into other areas.

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